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One Year

I left Japan and returned to America a year ago yesterday.  I knew the day was coming – it’s so rare that you actually know exactly what you were doing exactly a year ago – and I was waiting to … Continue reading

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Midyear Seminar 2007

Ah midyear… A place where you can make new friends…and reunite with old ones… …reminisce about college…and score hotties (despite not being male, 18, muscley or named Kosuke). While in Kagoshima, I also went to the movies. Like in a … Continue reading

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Elementary School: A Year of Commentary

I keep a big notebook filled with lesson plans for my elementary school visits. After each class, I jot down some notes about how the class went, what worked and what didn’t, what to do next time, etc. Here’s the … Continue reading

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On Teaching

I know I’ve only been on the job for four months, but I feel that I have acquired enough experience to say the following with confidence: 1. I’d rather do homework than grade it. Let me tell you, there is … Continue reading

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