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Idaho Wedding

After our stay in Kansas, E and I rented a car and drove to Jackson Hole, WY/Victor, ID for a wedding of some friends of mine from nursing school (more on the driving in a separate post). We left Kansas … Continue reading

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Lessons From My Sister’s Wedding

Before flying out to Tucson for my sister’s wedding (October 17, 2009), I thought that my weekend was going to be one of basking by the pool side and debauchery, but it turned out to be quite educational. The first … Continue reading

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David's Bridal

I’m not going to lie, I wanted to kill my sister for sending me to David’s Bridal in Colma on Sunday.  I gave myself 1.25 hours for the excursion – 20 minutes to get there and then the rest of … Continue reading

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Japanese Weddings

In my almost two years here in Japan, I have been to three Japanese weddings. Which I’m pretty sure makes me an expert on how these things are run. First off, Japanese wedding receptions are not for mingling. They are … Continue reading

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