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I was cleaning up my desk today and I found these two scraps of paper: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Kissing is like drinking salted water; you drink and your thirst increases.”  – Chinese Proverb ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I remember, in perfect detail, the way you … Continue reading

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I Secretly

With just three-ish more weeks left to go I decided to get TESOL (ESL/EFL teaching) certified. You know, just in time to leave my current post as an ESL teacher. To be honest, it’s probably better this way – I’m … Continue reading

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Tanegashima-Inspired Winter Haiku

{Because I can’t figure out how to write in Japanese on this theme and I refuse to write in romaji (although maybe I should; my kana looks like a second grader was doing their homework in a car).} Outside is … Continue reading

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We cannot share the admiration of the Europeans for their roses, which lack the simplicity of our flower. Then, too, the thorns that are hidden beneath the sweetness of the rose, the tenacity with which she clings to life, as … Continue reading

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