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Midwifery in Japan Pix

I’m not quite finished with the blogs, but the pix are up from my recent trip to Japan!  I went with one of my faculty and fellow classmates to go learn about midwifery practices in Japan and interview both students … Continue reading

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8.1.10 – I woke up this morning dreaming that I was driving along the coastal road in Tanegashima.  The bright green of the rice fields were awash in sunlight.  Beyond, the ocean sparkled.  I was taking E to the airport, … Continue reading

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Fukuoka Is…

Fukuoka is, like, a real city. It’s big and busy and crowded and has tall buildings and bright lights. But somehow it doesn’t make me feel gross and overwhelmed the way some cities ::cough::Tokyo::cough:: do. Fukuoka is a transportation hub. … Continue reading

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Yatto, Miyajima!

Unfortunately, I’ve waited a bit too long to start/finish these posts. Even though I have my notes, I’ve kind of lost touch with the feelings associated with them. Nevertheless, ganbarimashou. From May 16-May 18, I met up with my Aunt … Continue reading

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Taking Stock Part I

It’s almost June. The sakura have bloomed and fallen, teachers and colleagues have transferred, the new school year has begun and the weather is gearing up for monsoon season. A lot of things have changed, but my life remains largely … Continue reading

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Japanese Weddings

In my almost two years here in Japan, I have been to three Japanese weddings. Which I’m pretty sure makes me an expert on how these things are run. First off, Japanese wedding receptions are not for mingling. They are … Continue reading

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What I Wrote Instead of Sleeping

I haven’t been sleeping very well this week. I’m tired, but I’m just not…into it. I blame it on The Panic. The Panic is what I’ve started calling the feeling when my brain suddenly whites out and my only thought … Continue reading

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