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Leopold’s Maneuvers

In two years of interacting with pregnant women on a near daily basis, I never once touched a pregnant belly.  Pregnant women are rather protective of their bellies and I never wanted to be one more person trying to touch … Continue reading

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10 Years From Now

I read this and felt a kindred connection with this woman.  10 years from now I will be referring all of you back to it – for now, I remain the “just don’t think kids are in my future,” “crazy, … Continue reading

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13 years of Christian schooling, and no one ever taught me how to pray.  I learned what to say before meals and at the beginning and end of the school day; I learned bible verses, hymns, the Our Father and … Continue reading

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Frightening New Law in Utah

“Under a new Utah law, women who miscarry under certain conditions are open to murder charges and life sentences. Feticide laws in other states focus on abusive boyfriends and husbands, but this one targets the woman herself.” Read the rest … Continue reading

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One Year

I left Japan and returned to America a year ago yesterday.  I knew the day was coming – it’s so rare that you actually know exactly what you were doing exactly a year ago – and I was waiting to … Continue reading

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