National Parks: Glacier, Summer

My second trip to Glacier was about eight months later when my dad came to visit me in August.  Initially we thought we might do some car camping, but Dad has been having some nerve issues that make it difficult to sleep in a bed, let alone on the ground, so we got a cabin instead.  I can’t remember where we stayed (and my Google search isn’t turning up the right one) – it was at a campground just outside the park.  If you’re headed to the West Entrance, you’ll drive by it on your left.  It was pretty fancy camping – hot showers and a restaurant and everything.

We spent the next day in Glacier itself.  We went along the Going to the Sun Road again, which was a fun comparison for me.  Obviously, it looked a lot different in the height of summer and we were able to hop out and look around more.  We did check out Avalanche Creek/Falls again, and I have to say that I was more impressed with the winter view.

We made it as far as Logan Pass and walked the Hidden Lake Trail.  The trail is very do-able.  There’s a wooden boardwalk part of the way, and at the end of the trail is a spectacular view of the valley.  We saw a bunch of mountain goats and some other smaller animals.  There are a lot of pretty wildflowers along the trail, too.  Afterward, we drove back and tried to do some hiking around Lake McDonald, but that didn’t turn out like we hoped, so we ended up just sitting on the beach for a bit before going home instead.


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