Belize Day 6

Since we fly out tomorrow, Chip took us to the marine reserve, Hol Chan for diving and snorkeling today, which at its deepest, is only 30 ft.  Hol Chan is divided up into four sites and we dove at site A, where we were greeted immediately by a sea turtle nibbling on the sea grass.  We watched the turtle for some time before venturing out to the rest of the reef, where we saw some barracuda and many other schools of fish. There were even more fish today than yesterday and I definitely wished for more time in one place to hover and observe.  The way back kind of sucked – we were swimming against a current and I was wearing tiny fins (they were the only ones that fit – never leaving my own fins at home ever again) and using up a lot of air doing it.  When it got particularly hard, A grabbed on and towed me, which I gratefully accepted.  We came up by the boat and then made our way over to Shark Ray Alley to snorkel.  There were a lot of boats out chumming for nurse sharks, so we only saw a few of those, but we did see plenty of rays and grouper fish, which seemed completely unphased by the presence of so many snorkelers.

We passed the rest of our day in much the same fashion as yesterday – lunch, a nap, the start of a new book, and dinner at The Reef, because it was just that good.

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