Travel Updates From the Last Year

Space NeedleSeptember 2-8, 2014:  Seattle, WA & Victoria, BC.  I’ve taken a lot of little trips over the last year and I haven’t posted about any of them.  Most of them were quick four-day getaways, so I don’t have a lot of (or any) pictures, but my trip to Seattle and Victoria last year really deserved day-by-day blog posts!  Oh well.  Seattle was beautiful and sunny.  I ate great food, saw some dear friends and took the ferry up to Victoria for a few days.  We hit up museums and gardens and ate fresh seafood and drank craft beers.  It was a lovely trip and the perfect end to the summer before I started my new job.


MoabJanuary 9-12, 2015: Moab, Utah.  A had a two-week work thing up in Moab, so I drove up to see him over the weekend.  Moab seems like an outdoor enthusiast’s mecca – plenty of climbing, hiking, camping, river sports, you name it, they’re doing it.  The town was a little dead during the winter months, but we made the most of it.  We hit up Arches National Park and then crossed over into Colorado to do some snowboarding.


Trapeze SFFebruary 25-28, 2015: San Francisco, CA.  I made my annual pilgrimage to San Francisco to visit friends and family in February.  The weather was behaving itself and I think it was sunny the whole time A and I were there.  We did a lot of the stuff I always love doing – walking around, eating at my favorite places, drinking fancy cocktails and the like, but we spent a good chunk of time taking classes at the San Francisco Circus Center.  We did some traditional acrobatics, tight wire and (eep!) flying trapeze!  We stayed in an AirBnB near the park and within walking distance to the Circus Center, which was a pleasant change from my usual stomping grounds in and around Hayes Valley.  It amazes me how much San Francisco still captures my heart…I’m glad I got out before the City crushed me =P.

March 13-15, 2015: Austin, TX.  This was my first trip to Texas!  I wish we had longer to spend time in Austin, because everyone speaks so highly of the city, but A and I were there for a dance lift workshop hosted by the Austin AcroYoga community.  We learned a lot of new and interesting skills and refined some old ones and had a great time connecting with other acroyogis and seeing what they were up to.  We also got a chance to do some more flying trapeze and learn some new tricks!

June 29-July 2, 2015:  Portland, OR.  Linds decided to celebrate her 31st birthday in Portland, and I thought it would be a great way to see her, visit all my other PDX friends – especially Max and Ally, who were about to have a baby.  Portland has grown a lot and I was surprised to feel a little out of place in a big city.  Naturally, I found an acro jam to drop in on and tried aerial yoga for the first time.  I didn’t think I would care, but I ended up wanting to go check out campus and see how it had changed.  It felt so good to reconnect with my friends, whose relationships continue to become more and more dear to me as time goes on.

San DiegoJuly 24-27, 2015:  San Diego.  A and I hit the road again for some more acrobatic training, this time for the Acro Love festival in San Diego.  It continues to amaze me how much just a little bit of coaching can benefit us in our learning and skill development.  We worked out some kinks and added some things we don’t normally do to our repertoire (whips! pops!).  It was also nice to see a lot of our Tucson friends, since we’d recently moved to Montana for my job.  As a special bonus, I got to stay with my good friend from grad school who is living and working in San Diego and it was wonderful to spend time with her and pick up right where we left off.


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