Hiking Tucson: King’s Canyon Trail

In case anyone is wondering, it takes six months to acclimate to a new job.  That’s why I haven’t posted since (literally) almost my start date at work – it’s taken me this long to get used to my job and reclaim some of myself.  Basically, I’m still always tired and irritable, but at least I can force myself to go hiking.

Wasson Peak

I’ve been starting with short walks up and down Tumamoc hill.  It takes me all of 45 minutes and sometimes I do it after I get off work.  Today, however, I did a solo 6.5 mile hike up King’s Canyon Trail to Wasson Peak.  I’ve done half of this hike before, and today I was determined to finish the whole thing, despite working all last night and only sleeping for 3h.

Time:  3.25h
Distance:  6.5 mi round trip
Intensity:  Easy at first, then moderate once you get out of the canyon

I have done most of my Tucson hiking in the Rincons or Catalinas, so getting a chance to explore the (now) nearby Tucson Mountains was a real treat.  I want to give a special shout-out to Ryan, who suggested we go up King’s Canyon the first time because it was so close to where I now live.  The Tucson Mountains are to the west, so the sunsets are unbelievable.  I wanted to stay on Wasson Peak for sunset, but there were a few too many buzzing and potentially stinging insects for me to feel truly comfortable sitting around.  I can’t wait to get on some of the other trails out there before it gets to hot to hike anything other than Mt. Lemmon.

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One Response to Hiking Tucson: King’s Canyon Trail

  1. Kim says:

    Audrey! I’ve been wondering where you were, and what happened to your Bay Area visit. Email me when you’re more settled! I’ve been blogging more too so also want to get back into it 🙂

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