30 Before 30: Summer Happenings

Here’s a little update on my 30 Before 30 list and also what I’ve been up to this summer:


Sometime back in July, I took an AcroYoga workshop with Jean-Jaques Gabriel and Adam Rinder.  A few of us from the Cirque Roots crew were there and it was great to really learn some foundational skills that Kat and I had kind of glossed over in our training.


I had envisioned this taking place at a variety show or open-stage night or something like that.  Instead I found myself agreeing to perform at a nightclub with only two days to rehearse.  This was definitely one of those “WTF-am-I-doing-I’m-so-glad-I-did-it” things.  Many many thanks to S, the owner of Cirque Roots, for the opportunity and encouragement, A, my silks partner in crime, and my family for coming out and supporting me.


I have attempted a sweater in the past.  Somehow things got all screwy toward the top and despite counting rows very carefully, my sleeves were not the same length.  By a lot.  I frogged that sweater and decided to try again some other day.  Unfortunately, though, sweaters are a lot of work and I just couldn’t motivate myself to make another one.  Someone suggested I start with a baby sweater, but I didn’t know any babies to make a sweater for.  And then Linds solved this issue by getting pregnant and so I knitted Baby B a sweater vest.  He won’t be able to wear it for a few more months, but I think we’re all pleased with the results.


E and I have hobbies.  He likes to garden and play music and build things.  I like to workout and knit and do circus.  We both like to read, but not the same stuff.  We both like hiking and backpacking, but we still felt it might be nice to find something else to do together.  We were looking for something outdoors-y, physical, and that we both didn’t have much experience with so that we could suck at it together.  And thus, rock climbing.  We took an intro course The Bloc – fun!  But way harder than we anticipated.  We are waiting to get through some big transitions before committing to going more often.


The scene:  Munchkat is laying on her back on the floor with her legs straight up in the air (a.k.a. L-basing).  Her feet are nestled into my shoulders, while my feet are somewhere up in the air (a.k.a. Star).  We aren’t holding hands because she’s taking pictures (a.k.a. Free Star).  We are a bottle of wine in (a.k.a. any given Saturday in the Mubarrick household).  My point is, Munchkat and I have been doing partner acro for a while and were getting a little frustrated because we weren’t able to master certain skills.  Now we can do them.  Drunk (don’t try this at home).


Both Linds and I had hoped that Baby B would be born while I was in town visiting, but alas, children are their own people and have their own plans.  I stayed with Linds and Jon for a week around her due date and we made two weeks’ worth of meals, tried to get her labor going, made a belly cast and simply enjoyed our time together as friends.  Got to reconnect with a few other friends, and also my parents, while I was in the Bay, and even ran into the guy who used to cut my hair when I was a little kid while going through airport security.


SeattleI’m totally fudging this one.  I’ve been to Washington before, but I was so little I don’t remember!  E and I took a trip up to Seattle at the beginning of September, mostly just for fun and to get away, but also partially to celebrate upcoming birthdays.  We stayed with my dear friend from high school, R, and his wife, M.  They were such good hosts and I was so glad to reconnect with R after so many years apart (we haven’t seen each other since ’06).  The weather was perfect the entire time we were there and we ate our fill of seafood.  I also got to meet up with another good friend from college who happened to be in town at the same time I was.


My last passport is probably the coolest passport I’ll ever have.  I visited 13 different countries over the course of 10 years, including three trips to Japan.  I just got a new passport at the beginning of this year and have been itching to break it in before the year is out.  As a part of our Seattle trip, E and I took the ferry up to Victoria and spent a couple of days in the most British city in British Columbia.  We were there such a short time that we didn’t do much besides our usual eat and walk around, but we did make it out to Butchart Gardens and ate at Red Fish Blue Fish.

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One Response to 30 Before 30: Summer Happenings

  1. kim says:

    So excited that you guys are climbing!! It’s a great couple activity 🙂 Let’s go with you’re back in the Bay. And welcome to 30. I miss you!

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