Hiking Tucson: Cookie Cabin/Wilderness of Rocks

Pumpkin, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter

Pumpkin, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter

During our first attempt at Wilderness of Rocks, K and I ended up at the Cookie Cabin on Mt. Lemmon instead.  We were tired, unfocused, nursing injuries, started at the wrong trailhead, etc.  We ended up walking down a ski slope into Summerhaven and then back up to (almost) the top of Mt. Lemmon via the road.  We decided that this short 2h walk still earned us $6 cookies the size of our faces.

Hike: Wilderness of Rocks, Mt. Lemmon
Total Length: 8.6 mi, down then up
Elevation Change: 1800 ft
Highest Elevation: 9080 ft
Time: ~5h
Season: Summer (July)

Wilderness of RocksTwo weeks later, we attempted Wilderness of Rocks again.  This time we actually started at the correct trailhead (no really, it’s ALL the way up to the top of Mt. Lemmon) and made our way down the mountain.  It’s nice and cool even at this time of year on Mt. Lemmon, the views are spectacular and you spend most of the time walking through pine forest (we still can’t get over the fact that this exists in the desert).  The trail is easy to follow on the way down, but once you’re in the “wilderness of rocks,” the trail is easy to lose, but the area is nice for exploring.  We did somehow manage to get lost coming back up, but we ran into a trail that we knew would take us back up to the ski lift that we had discovered two weeks prior (insert metaphor/lesson about our mistakes having purpose here).  Once we reached the ski lift, we walked back to the car on the road.  Then we visited the Cookie Cabin again, just for good measure.

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