30 Before 30: Live with E

20140717-111246-40366969.jpgIt seems like a small goal, but when you consider the Odyssean adventure that E and I have been on over the last three years, this seems like quite the accomplishment to me. E arrived in Tucson on July 1st. We spent the first week freaking out over the clutter and boxes taking over my living space getting him moved in – obtaining a storage unit, figuring out what stayed and what went, frequent trips to Target, etc. These last two weeks have been about establishing routines – cooking/eating, exercising, grocery shopping, integrating our finances, planning our wedding. Part of me still feels like we’re on some sort of weird vacation; I haven’t fully accepted the idea that this is our life, that we are together now, that yet another goodbye isn’t just around the corner. And, while lovely to spend so much time with E, it is a big adjustment to transition from seeing someone every six weeks and talking to them every two or three days to spending every minute of every day together all the time. I can tell that we’re both ready to start doing things (we did go for a hike this week), to start branching out and setting down some roots and seeing what’s available to us. I’m excited to embark on this new adventure, this time, together.
Conversations At Home:

J: It’s really nice having you both here. The house feels so empty with just the two of us sometimes and it’s fun having you guys around.
Munchkat: (devouring some delicious and well-presented dinner that E has prepared) Totally. Plus, it’s really nice to have someone to cook for us.

::pregnant pause::

Me: Yeah, ‘cuz apparently I’ve been sitting on my ass for the last six months…
Munchkat: That’s not what I meant!!

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