30 Before 30: Graduate

MSN, Nurse-Midwifery

SmiddiesI know, I know.  It doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that should go on a 30 Before 30 list, but that’s just because you have no idea what this program was like.  After my hike up Mt. Rincon, I flew to Cleveland for a dear friend’s wedding and then to Connecticut to take my last final and graduate.  My friends Shell and Lill picked me up from Bradley and it felt good to have something (someones) to return to in CT.  I filled the rest of my days with studying, yoga, silks and workouts, passed my final and then cooled my heels until graduation.

I didn’t attend the big Yale ceremony on Old Campus, but I did go to the nursing school ceremony held in St. Mary’s Church.  My parents pointed out that this was oddly fitting since, with the exception of my college graduation, all of my graduation ceremonies have taken place in a Catholic church.  Even after I’d checked to make sure that I’d actually received my degree (and had my mom translate it from the Latin to make sure it actually said what it was supposed to say), it didn’t really feel real.  I was waiting for some sort of cathartic moment or joyful pride and relief, but instead I just felt tired and ready to go home.  Still kind of waiting for that feeling to set in, but I do have to say that it feels pretty good to say that I have a Master’s degree on my resume.

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