30 Before 30: Obstacle Course Race


Team Care-A-Lot!  I spent hours huffing Sharpie fumes as I made these the night before.

Team Care-A-Lot! I spent hours huffing Sharpie fumes as I made these the night before.

When: April 12, 2014
Where: Camelback Ranch, Phoenix
Cost: Depends on when you register.  I think we paid $65

In one of my Birthing From Within trainings, Pam England once said that in order to figure out our life’s purpose/calling/whatever you want to call it, we should think back to the thing we loved to do around the time we were seven years old.  For me this was gymnastics and The Last Unicorn re-enactments.  Still working on The Last Unicorn piece, but lately I have discovered that I’m not having fun during a workout unless I’m doing stupid human tricks (see yoga, aerials, partner acro, Tuff Girl, CrossFit).  Two years ago when I stayed with Kat and Juan during the summer, we watched WAAAAYYYY too much American Ninja Warrior, and a seed was planted:  I wanted to run an obstacle course.  So when I saw that Warrior Dash would be in Phoenix while I was in town, I strong-armed Munchkat, J and K into doing it with me.

Warrior Dash is a good gateway obstacle course.  It’s a 5k run with some pretty basic obstacles and a giant mud pit at the end.  Munchkat was nursing an injury so we walked a lot of the course and jogged parts of it.  K repeatedly offered to carry the Munchkat, which she allowed him to do for a stretch, during which he kept up with me and J as we jogged.  He wasn’t even out of breath and we all hated him a little for it.  None of us had any problems with the obstacles, although Munchkat went into therapist mode in order to literally talk someone down off of an obstacle and Juan ended up with gravel in his eye from the mud pit, which required a fair amount of first aid.  And then, of course, there’s turkey legs and beer at the end.

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