Hiking Tucson: Romero Pools

Still working on catching up my blogs!  Here’s another hiking post:

Romero PoolsWhere: Romero Pools in the Catalina Mountains
Distance: 5.6 mi
Season: Spring (April)

Much to my sister’s relief, I found a friend to go hiking with (had no idea she was nervous about all my solo hiking, until I told her I was going with a friend).  I met K through acroyoga and he was new to town and into hiking as well, so we thought we’d do some exploring together.  There were some steep, rocky parts on the way in, but overall not a terribly difficult hike.  The pools are in the canyon and we had to do some scrambling (more like sliding, honestly) down some rocks to get to them.  We then abseiled down to the lowest pool, where we took a swim in some freezing water before climbing back up for lunch.

The way back out of the canyon to the trail was a bit tricky – in all fairness to ourselves, it was a bit slippery coming in, but the half can of PBR at lunch didn’t help (it seemed like a great idea when I packed them, but apparently sun and strenuous physical exercise greatly enhance the effects of half a can of beer).  The way out was mostly downhill, so we made good time back to the car.

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