Spring Break – Day 4

Mooney FallsHavasupai Canyon

Distance: 3.5mi to Beaver Falls
Gear: LL Bean Microlight Tent, Big Agnes inflatable sleeping pads

We woke up refreshed and had a breakfast of oatmeal, peanut butter and dried fruit.  Then we set out for Beaver Falls, carrying just one bag with plenty of water and lunch.

Havasupai Canyon is magical.  We would never have guessed that someplace like it could exist in the middle of the desert.  As we exited the campgrounds, we came upon Mooney Falls.  At first we couldn’t figure out how to get down to the base of the falls, but then we discovered a tunnel carved into the cliff that allowed us to make our way down.  Once out of the tunnel, we climbed down a sequence of wooden ladders to get all the way to the bottom.  We admired the view for a while and then continued along the trail.  We lost the trail every now and then, but usually picked it up pretty easily again.  Only once did we completely lose it and had to do some questionable rock-climbing to find it again.  There were river crossings necessitating the removal of shoes, and, for me, pants (after the second crossing, I decided to hike without pants.  Only really awkward when we ran into some Boy Scouts, but otherwise not uncomfortable), a leisurely walk through a field of grapes, planks to tip-toe across and always, always something beautiful to look at.

We went for a swim at Beaver Falls and found a perch for lunch.  Then we made our way back to camp where we rinsed off in Havasupai Falls, made dinner (curry chicken), took another short walk through camp and then went to sleep.

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