Spring Break – Day 1

In a fit of genius, I decided to take call the day before I drove up to Phoenix to pick E up from the airport.  Naturally, I was up all night and, uncharacteristically, had left all my packing for the morning.  As I was getting ready to leave, I wanted to pop in to say goodbye to my sister and J, but when I peered in, J was passed out asleep and my sister was nowhere to be seen.  I waited a few more minutes and came back to find the same scene.

Me (texting): Where are you?
Munchkat: In the bathroom.
Me: Hurry up, I want to come say goodbye and scare the shit out of J by pouncing on you guys in bed.
Munchkat: OK! Ready!

I tiptoed into their bedroom and saw J still passed out and Munchkat fake-sleeping with a not-so-subtle smirk on her face.  I did my best flying squirrel leap and belly flopped on the bed and was rewarded with a look of sheer terror on J’s face, followed by some generalized cursing.  We all chatted for a bit and then I pounded some coffee and began the drive to Phoenix.

I picked E up at Sky Harbor and then we found a hotel, using Hotel Tonight (cool app that allows you to make a last minute booking when you arrive in town), where I was finally able to nap while E went and foraged.  We had dinner and then went and saw Noah, which I didn’t love as much as some of Aronofsky’s other stuff, but I was still entertained.

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