Hiking Tucson: Lost in Sabino Canyon

Sabino Canyon Hike 1

Where: Sabino Canyon
When: Late January
Fee: $5/day
Trail: No clue
Distance: ~5 mi?

I was looking for a short hike – something I could do in a couple hours.  I went to Sabino Canyon with the intention of hiking Blackett’s Ridge, but somehow missed a turnoff and ended up wandering through the desert for two hours.  [insert hiking as a metaphor for life analysis here.]  I think I was on the Lake Trail for a little while, and then decided to go up the mountain and eventually connected up with the Phone Line Trail.  On my way down the Phone Line Trail, I did pass the Blackett’s Ridge trailhead, but then still managed to get lost trying to get back to the Nature Center (at some point I was definitely walking in circles through random desert).  The nice bit about this hike was that I got to walk through a lovely shaded area at the base of the mountain.  It’s the closest thing to a forest you’ll find here in the desert.  And then I got to walk up the mountain and get a spectacular view of Tucson.

Sabino Canyon Hike 2

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