Wagons West! – Santa Fe

Hiking Santa Fe 1Our plans always included staying a full day in Santa Fe, since there’s so much to do there.  We woke up early-ish and grabbed some breakfast at the Inn and then headed over to Jackalope, which is, as far as I’m concerned, the world’s largest home decor store.  The grounds are filled with various kinds of yard art and furniture, the main building has everything from pre-made chili spice packets to really expensive dishes to lamps.  Another building is dedicated to glass blowing and glass art.  Yet another has indoor furniture.  There’s a space just for indigenous art.  In some ways it felt like a museum where everything was for sale.  There was so much to look at, but E and I were on a strict schedule, so we purchased a few gifts and then headed over to Santa Fe Canyon for some hiking.

Hiking Santa Fe 2E had originally tried to set up a snow-shoeing excursion for us in Santa Fe, but the mountains hadn’t gotten quite enough snow for that.  I also knew that we were going to do some hiking in Tucson, so I came prepared for two kinds of hiking:  Full snow gear or regular trail-wear.  The hiking we did in Santa Fe Canyon/Dale Ball Trails was somewhere in between – at some point I needed to shed a layer, but I really wished that we had thought to purchase cramp-ons for our shoes since there was still snow on the ground and some of the hills were a bit tricky to navigate.

After our hike, we made our pilgrimage to 10,000 Waves, a Japanese-style bath house and spa.  We went the last time we were in Santa Fe and it was on our must-do list this time around.  We had a few snacks in their izakaya (real imo!) and then enjoyed a long soak in a private tub.  Relaxed and exhausted we returned to the hotel.

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