Wagons West! – Christmas in Kansas Day 1

Cheap GasFrom: Warrenton, MO
To: Hutchinson, KS
Route: I-70W
Time: 7h

We braved the 15 degree weather and scampered to the car and then began our journey West once again.  We passed through Kansas City and stopped at Arthur Bryant’s BBQ for lunch.  We got the burnt ends (delicious) and the turkey (let’s just say you should stick to pork at this place) for $9/sandwich.  Then we hit the road again.  At some point I pointed out that all the interesting things in Kansas City seem to be on the Missouri side and in retaliation, E decided to let the car almost run out of gas (my car has this feature where it beeps at you if you get down to 1 gallon remaining.  I’ve been cutting it pretty close a few times and haven’t heard it beep, so I was starting to wonder if that feature still worked.  I found out on this trip that it does).  Luckily, when we finally did stop for gas, it was only $2.95/gallon and we were able to make it the rest of the way to Hutchinson to eat dinner with E’s parents without incident.

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