Wagons West! – Kentucky Bourbon Trail Day 3

From: Louisville, KY
To: Warrenton, MO
Route: I-64W to I-70W
Time: 5h30m

We started our day with brunch at Harvest (our second choice, since our first had a line out the door) and then made our way to Willet Distillery:

Cost: Normally $7/person, but we got in for free because E has a connection that works there

Reservations Required: Yes

WillettWhat We Did: Willett is a craft distillery, so everything is done on a smaller, more intimate scale.  We took their distillery tour and then came back to the visitor’s center for our tastes.  Other labels you may know from this distillery: Rowan’s Creek, Noah’s Hill, Old Bardstown.

Tastes: We did the 9-year single barrel (which we bought because it was so good), Noah’s Hill and the Pot Still Reserve.

From Willett, we headed West to Missouri.  Once we hit I-70, E turned off the GPS saying that we wouldn’t really need it again until we were headed to Tucson.  Having spent so much time together in various parts of the world, I sometimes forget that E grew up in the EXACT middle of America and that in order to get to any major city or tourist destination, he and his family have driven through a lot of states.  I suppose it’s not that different than being able to navigate the maze of freeways in the Bay, but it’s always a little surprising when I am reminded that E can navigate his way through multiple states.

We past the St. Louis Arch sometime in the evening and then pressed on a little further to Warrenton, MO.  We hit our first bit of snow since leaving Connecticut and the temperature had gone from slightly warm and a little muggy to crisp and chill.  We had dinner at a Chili’s ($20/2 people!) and crashed at a Super 8 near the freeway.


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