Wagons West! – Kentucky Bourbon Trail Day 2

From: Frankfort, KY
To: Louisville, KY
Route: I-64W
Time: 1h

We stopped at a place called “Melissa’s” for lunch, where we received our fair share of “honeys” and “sweeties,” which for some reason doesn’t feel as offensive in the South (or maybe it’s only endearing when someone your grandmother’s age says it).  We drove through the beautiful Kentucky countryside, which in the rain and overcast whether somehow reminded me of England.  We stopped at two distilleries on the way:

Woodford ReserveWoodford Reserve

Cost: $7/person

Reservations Required:  Maybe not, but I think we did just in case.

Comments:  Woodford Reserve definitely had a more upscale, corporate feeling to it.  We took the traditional distillery tour, so this time we learned a lot more about the fermenting and distilling processes.

Taste:  Woodford Reserve.  The last time I had this bourbon, it was being bought for me by an older gentleman on a plane to New Orleans.

Four Roses 

Cost:  We didn’t do a tour, but the tasting was free!

Reservations Required:  Not for the tour or for the tasting.

Hillbilly TeaTastes:  We tried four different bourbons here – their small batch, their single barrel, the OBSQ and their Kentucky straight bourbon.  Four Roses has a very complicated lettering system to describe their flavors/tastes, but the woman pouring the tastes was very knowledgeable and friendly and had good taste in bourbon.  We hadn’t bought any bourbon up until this point and one of them was so good that I made E buy a bottle, just in case we didn’t find anything better (more on this later).

After Four Roses, we made our way to the Sheraton in Jeffersonville, Indiana, which is just across the river from Louisville (no really, five minute shuttle ride).  We had dinner at Hillbilly Tea, a fun, quirky, rustic restaurant with fabulous cocktails and delicious food.

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