Wagon’s West! – Kentucky Bourbon Trail Day 1

From: Charlottesville, VA
To: Frankfort, KY
Route: 64-W
Time: ~8h

After a breakfast of bagels and coffee with G&A, we began the drive to Kentucky. It was our first real moments alone, and we began the process of getting to know one another again. We arrived in Frankfort just in time to check into our hotel and head over to Buffalo Trace Distillery for their Ghost Tour:

Buffalo Trace Distillery Ghost Tour

20140112-135320.jpgCost: Free

Reservations Required: Yes

Time: Thurs-Sat, 7pm

What You Do: Visit different sites on the Buffalo Trace property and learn about the paranormal activity that occurred there. Both E and I wished that the tour was conducted more as a narrative – offering up some history of people who lived there and what their lives were like and the paranormal activity that had occurred in a few key places. Instead, the tour felt more like they were trying to convince us that the distillery grounds were haunted.

Tastes: They had four spirits and one cream – E and I both chose the Rain Vodka and the Eagle Rare Bourbon in addition to the Bourbon Cream. The vodka was vodka, the Eagle Rare was smooth and the cream was dangerously delicious.

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