Wagons West! – Leaving Connecticut

Day One:

From: New Haven, CT
To: Arlington, VA
Route: 95-S (with detour to avoid NYC)
Time: Too long

LincolnConnecticut was conspiring to keep me in New Haven.  It started snowing the weekend before finals and snowed again on Tuesday (packing up the car in the snow = not fun), but Wednesday was clear and sunny as I made my way down to visit a JET friend, in Arlington.  It doesn’t seem to matter that that drive is only supposed to take 5.5h, or that this time I avoided NYC.  For some reason, it always takes me 8h to get down to the DC area and when I finally arrive, I vow never to travel down 95-S again.

Highlights:  Hanging out with my friend!  We ate burgers, we had Korean dessert, we visited monuments, we closed down a bar and made grilled-cheese and peanut butter sandwiches on the recommendation of a chatty bar-tender and we went to bed when the sun came up.  We’re getting a little old for it, but we can still party Japan-style.

Day Two:

From: Arlington, VA
To: Charlottesville, VA
Route: 66-W to 29-S
Time: 2.5h

Blood Orange GelatoAnother beautiful day for driving down to Charlottesville to meet up with a doula friend.  I had barely put down my belongings when we started talking shop.  She’s studying to be a lay-midwife and it is always good to reconnect with an old friend and swap stories about something we’re so passionate about.  We ordered delivery and after dinner I went to pick up E at the airport.

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