CT Bucket List: Fruit Picking

I was looking through my blogs and realized that I’d never posted about item number one on my CT Bucket List – i.e. Fruit Picking.  I know they have U-Picks in California, and, in fact, I’ve been to one, but for whatever reason, fruit picking seems like such a New England thing.  The details are a bit hazy now, but I’ll do my best to piece everything together.

Where We Went:  Sometime back in October, toward the end of the season, Lillian and I went out to Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford, CT.  You can pick your own (PYO) from June through November at Bishop’s, and they offer a wide range of food items, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, pears and pumpkins.  

Apple 01

How It Works:  Once we arrived at Bishop’s, we drove out following the signs to the actual apple orchard.  Then we each got a bag and headed out to do some apple picking!  A lot of the apples had already fallen from the tree, so both of us did a bit more apple collecting than picking.  It’s totally kosher to sample the apples, and at first I felt bad about the waste, so I tried to eat the entire apple every time I wanted to find out how a certain variety tasted.  Three apples in, I realized there might be some serious GI side effects if I kept going, so I found some smaller apples, took a bite or two and then tossed the remainder.  Everyone else was doing this, too, and the whole orchard had this fantastic apple cider-y smell from all the rotting apples on the ground.  

Our Haul:  Once we’d filled our bags to bursting, Lillian and I walked back down the hill to pay.  I forget now how much it all cost (probably because Lill treated me), but you pay by the pound.  They had some other apple products down at the checkout – cider, donuts and other treats.  

Apple 2

The Farm Market:  Lillian wanted to try to find a sugar pumpkin, so we went back down to the pumpkin patch and Farm Market, which is closer to the main road.  We “ooh-ed” and “ahh-ed” over all the brightly colored fresh food and rarer items that we didn’t see often in other stores.  At the end of all this, we walked out with Lillian’s sugar pumpkin and a couple of jars of unique kraut and kimchi.      

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