CT Bucket List: Hockey

While my fellow smiddies (sister midwives) are busy bombarding me with emails about the various assignments we have due this week, I’m feeling a little too tender, a little too fragile (about the whole saying goodbye process) to do any real work.  So I thought it was time to do a little more Connecticut-related blogging, which brings me to item number two (of two) on my Connecticut Bucket List:  Hockey.

Maki and I have lived by Ingalls Rink (a.k.a “The Whale”) since May of last year, but we’ve never been out to a hockey game, which is really unfortunate considering how good Yale was last year.  This year we made it a goal to go to a home game and last night we went and watched the Yale-Harvard game.  It was my first hockey game.  Ever.  Like, I’ve never even watched one on TV (unless watching all three “Mighty Ducks” and “Mystery, Alaska” count).  Aside from the goal scoring (it was a tie), I didn’t really follow what was going on at all, but I was a little surprised at how tame the crowd and the players were!  I mean, I know this is college hockey, but I was hoping to see at least one brawl.  Maybe some shirtless fans in body paint.  Instead, even the most aggressive check I witnessed was very polite, and the two players smiled and joked with each other afterward (it occurred to me that the New England hockey community is probably rather small, and those two players probably went to the same prep school or hockey camps or something).  As for the fans, the worst heckling they could muster was “[insert name of player here] sucks,” (which, actually, we all thought was a bit personal) and far too many of them showed up in suit jackets (this must be an Ivy League thing).  However, it was pretty fun too “oh!” and “ah!” with the crowd every time someone hit the boards or got close to the goal.

*Addendum:  If you are a student, you can get tickets for free by showing up in person to the bookstore information desk and showing them your student ID.

Also, I knitted Maki and I matching headbands for the game:




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