New Haven Fave: Air Temple Arts

For those of you who don’t know, this is my last semester in New Haven.  I know I spend a lot of time complaining about how miserable I am here and how much I miss home, but now, with my departure on the horizon, I’ve started to realize how much I will be sad to leave.  With that in mind, I thought I’d spend these last eight weeks blogging about them:

Image#1 Air Temple Arts

How I Found It:  I was in a bike shop buying a new pump for my bike (which has subsequently been stolen off my porch.  A**holes cut right through the wooden railing, but not until after I had spent $150 on repairs) and I saw a postcard advertising circus classes.  I have not-so-secretly always wanted to join the circus, so I sent an email to the owner Stacey and asked to sign up.  The rest is history.

Where It’s Located:  1175 State St. in the Trolley Square Building.  It’s in the same building as New Haven Cross Fit, amongst other fitness studios and empty spaces just begging to be turned into something awesome.  Dodge the potholes and Cross Fitters to wedge your car somewhere in the parking lot, then walk in the glass doors, hang a left at the first hallway, then a right at the next hallway and walk all the way down to the end.  Air Temple is on the right.  It’s the one with the giant drape-like things hanging from the ceiling.

Image 1What I Do There:  My first class at Air Temple was “Intro to Mixed Aerials.”  I did a little silks, a little lyra (the hoop) and a little static trapeze.  Lyra and trapeze were a bit easier to learn since I had the benefit of being on a solid object that supported my weight, but I ended up being a sucker for the beauty and drama of silks.  I took aerial silks last session and will do so again this next session.  On a whim, I also decided to take partner acrobatics this session.

What Other People Do There:  As mentioned above, there’s static trapeze, there’s lyra, there’s partner acrobatics.  There’s also Intro to Fire Spinning, Contortion and a Conditioning class.  Check out the class offerings here.

Single Knee HangHow Much It Costs: $192/session (plus tax).  1 session lasts 8 weeks.  Drop-ins are $30/class.  It’s not cheap, but I recently decided that I’m officially too old to skimp on my happiness (other ways in which this has manifested itself are “paying for a real hotel instead of crashing in a hostel/on someone’s couch,” and “buying real food instead of some cheap, shitty imitation of food”).  Stacey is also incredibly reasonable about letting you make up sessions.

Why I Love It:  I have a long history of love affairs with activities that require strength, flexibility and involve spending a significant amount of time upside down (see gymnastics, yoga).  Plus it’s tons of fun!  And the people are great!


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