Camino Addendum #1


It’s been almost two weeks since we completed the Camino.  It still doesn’t feel real, but I did want to add a few extra thoughts:

1). The water bottle pictured above accompanied us from Paris across all 500 miles and was laid to rest in Paris once again.  We bought it in the Montparnasse train station, dehydrated and exhausted, and then found that it was quite useful in filling up our hydration packs when large sinks weren’t available.  We meant to get rid of it in Santiago, but in the end it just didn’t feel right.  So we kept it with us and then said some words before finally recycling it at Charles de Gaul.

2).  On healing:  My sister suggested that once my muscles had a chance to repair, they would naturally elongate and my former flexibility would return.  I’ve been involuntarily stretching in my sleep a lot and have noticed that things like downdog and forward folding have become much easier.  I’ve noticed a considerable loss in muscle definition, but I find that I don’t mind the softness so much right now. 

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