Paris, Jour 6

Today might be a day best told in pictures:


[Ceiling in the Paris Opera House]

We lazed about quite a bit this morning and made our way to the Opera after lunch.  The opera was well worth the 10 euro entrance fee – stunning decor, great views and an interesting museum displaying the history of ballet and opera at the Opera House. 


[Eiffel Tower]

After the Opera, we got cleaned up and went to have dinner at the Eiffel Tower.  We’d both been to the Tower before, so we thought we’d change things up by dining there.  The food didn’t rearrange our world view, but it was good and we had a lot of fun.


[Sacre Coeur]

After dinner, we headed up to the Sacre Coeur to watch the sunset and enjoy a few more drinks in Montemartre Square.  We took a cab back to the apartment – the cabbie totally took advantage of us and took the long way back, but we forgave him since he did drive us by the Moulin Rouge.

Special shout out to the kid sister who started her new job as a real live social worker today!

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