Paris, Jour 5


[Locks of Love]

We woke up late today and then went over to the Musee d’Orsay around 11.  I think it’s well known that I’m not particularly fond of art museums, but E had dutifully fulfilled his shopping obligation, so the least I could do was humor him and go to the one art museum in all of Paris that he wanted to see. 

By the time we arrived, the line snaked around in front if the building several times and after we’d been standing in the sun for close to 30 minutes, I joked that I’d never been so excited to get into an art museum in my life.  As we got toward the front, we figured out why there were so many people (besides the fact that it’s a weekend in August in France) – they offer free admission on the first Sunday of the month!  After we were let in, our first stop was at an art nouveau exhibit of furniture, which I actually really enjoyed.  E then eased me into the rest of the museum by guiding me through the oriental art exhibit and saved the big names and impressionist stuff for last.  I do have to admit that seeing Van Gogh’s Starry Night up close and in person was pretty thrilling.  All in all, I walked away quite pleased with the experience.

From the museum we took a stroll down to an English bookstore to replenish our supply, since we finished everything else we had.  In general, I’m trying to move digital with my book collection, but this summer has reminded me of how much I love books and reading.  There’s nothing quite like sifting through a stack of books, looking at titles and reading blurbs in a bookstore.  In the end, E and I decided to go with A Clash of Kings and Telegraph Avenue.  Both should keep us busy for a while.

We walked back via the opera and then settled into the apartment for some snacking, reading and napping, followed by dinner and more reading.

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