Paris, Jour 3



After God-knows how many hours of rest yesterday, I woke up feeling pretty good.  The best thing about this being our second trips to Paris is that neither of us feel pressured to run around seeing all the major tourist attractions.  Instead, our agenda for the day was to visit Printemps, am upscale shopping mall near where we are staying. 

Let me start by saying that I wish Linds had been there.  Printemps is the sort of place that’s so upscale that I’m afraid to look at or touch anything, and she’s much better at having fun in a place like that.  I fondled one bag I really liked and when my hands found their way to the price tag (765 euro), I dropped it like it was hot.  Thankfully, I wasn’t actually able to touch the watches and jewelry because my brain was so much in denial that it took some convincing from E that the two extra zeroes at the end of the three or four (a couple times even five!) digit number were place holders to the left of the decimal and not the right =P.  The really amazing thing was how many Asian foreigners were there, literally loading up suitcases full of luxury goods.  Additional mind-blowing was achieved when I realized that all the employees on the luxury goods floors were also Asian (and Asian-language speakers.  I saw at least one transaction where the employee didn’t speak the right language and ran over to another shop to grab someone who did), presumably to facilitate transactions with their foreign Asian clientele. 

We tried to grab a picture of the stained glass roof on the 6th floor, but it was located in the restaurant and neither of us were brave enough to run in without being seated.  So we satisfied ourselves by taking turns pretending to read the menu while the other looked at the ceiling.  

Having had a croissant snack earlier in the day, we fulfilled our other French food obligation by eating crepes for lunch.  After lunch, we did a little more shopping at places where it was more plausible that we would buy something (I talked E into a new pair of pants) and then headed back to the apartment, where E made dinner and I finished up Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises (turns out Hemingway lived in this area of Paris).  Took cold showers and then hit the hay.

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