Paris, Jour 2


[From Henri, le Chat Noir]

I was going to wait until later this evening to see how the rest of the day panned out, but who am I kidding?

I woke around 8:30 and stepped in a puddle of water on my way to the bathroom.  Turns out my powers of logic were severely impaired last night – I noticed that there was a bucket under the AC unit hose and even recognized that this was to catch the water drippage from the hose, but didn’t have the foresight to reason that the bucket might overflow at some point.  E just thought it was a weird place to store the mop bucket.  So we spent a few minutes cleaning that up and then had a kick-ass breakfast.  We talked about some things we might do today, but then I fell asleep for three hours.  E woke me up for lunch, after which I fell asleep again and E, channeling a different Henri, le Chat Noir moment, decided he was bored with me and left to get a Sim card for the phone so we can use Google maps when he actually manages to get me out of the apartment.

I have now been awake for three consecutive hours, which is kind of pushing it right now.  But E has kindly prepared dinner and hunted down wine and cookies for me.

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