The Way, Day 42


[It’s official!]

Today begins the process of resetting and healing.  We were both awake at 5:30, and both drifted in and out of sleep until 8.  I took stock of my body by doing some yoga – the strength in my arms and the sharp pain in my toes and ankles surprised me, as did the way my lower joints (particularly my hips) could be both tight and unstable at the same time.  I gently coaxed the muscles to lengthen, the bones back into alignment and felt grateful that, at the very least, hiking had maintained, if not improved, the evenness of my breath. 

We went to breakfast, where E got some eggs, bacon, toast and pancakes and I got the chocolate con churros.  I’ve seen it on the menu in several places and decided to give it a try, especially since the cafe we were at looked like it had proper drinking chocolate (it did). 

After breakfast we went to get our Compostela at the Pilgrim’s Office.  We were presented with our certificate with our names printed in Latin.  I didn’t think I would care about receiving the Compostela, but I was oddly moved when I did.  E and I spent our last day of walking marking the parallels between the Camino and life and so it felt right to receive recognition for achievement in this way.  Once we’d finished our business at the Pilgrim’s Office, we took a tour of the cathedral.  The audio tour wasn’t as good as the one in Leon, but we did get to touch the cape of St. James and thank him for a safe journey.  We scurried out of the cathedral just as mass was starting and went off to get lunch at an Indian restaurant.  It wasn’t the greatest Indian food ever (but to be fair, I have falsely high expectations having grown up in Fremont), but it was still delicious and satisfying. 

Once our bellies were full, we spent the rest of the day shopping for souvenirs and clothes to wear in the coming week.  E was very gracious about the whole process, which I won’t go into, but let’s suffice to say that normally I pride myself on shopping in a more organized and less expensive manner =P. 

We returned to the hotel and went back out again for dinner.  Exhausted, we came back and finally went to bed.

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