The Way, Day 39


[A ❤ E]

Total Distance: 29 km

Total Time: 7h

Total Euro: 29/person

Route: Palas de Rei to Arzua

All the gloominess of yesterday seemed to dissipate today.  Waking up was hard, but once we were on our feet, both E and I felt surprisingly good.  The last few days we’ve been so exhausted, so unmotivated that we’ve felt it necessary to set goals for ourselves before taking a break.  Today we felt happy, lighter, more energetic (I’m going to credit sufficient caloric intake and finishing Sense and Sensibility
) and we played the whole day by ear – stopping when we felt like it, staying as long as we liked. 

Nothing too exciting on the trail – lots of hills, San Francisco/Oregon-like weather and scenery.  We did find this cute, heart-shaped rock, of which I insisted on having a picture.  Additionally, I have a new injury it seems – something going on with my shin.  I was kind of hoping to make it in managing everything else that was going on without adding something new, but at this point we’re so close that I will crawl, walk on my hands or simply log roll my way into Santiago if I have to.

We are staying off the trail at a place called Via Lactea.  It’s more expensive than what we’ve been used to (12 euro/person for a shared room, when the last few days have been 15/person for a private one), but it’s well worth the cost.  Everything is clean and well-maintained and it’s near to a decent grocery store.  E fixed us a fabulous soup for lunch anda light salad for dinner.  In some ways we eat more simply on our own, but to me it always tastes so much better. 

8pm and off to bed!

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