The Way, Day 33


[Plaza on the way out of Ponferrada]

Total Distance: 22.8 km
Total Time: 6h
Total Euro: 17/person
Route:  Ponferrada to Villafranca Del Bierzo

The bites kept me up all night (nursing note:  my inguinal lymph nodes are rock hard and huge).  E let me snooze an extra hour and then coaxed me downstairs with the promise of “big cake.”  Big cake ended up being big toast, but it was still pretty good (Spain has renewed my appreciation for toast). 

We hit the road around 8 am and wound our way in and out the various suburbs of Ponferrada.  Eventually, the suburbs gave way to vineyards and we recalled that we were in the somewhat obscure wine region of Bierzo.  It got quite hot in the afternoon and every time we thought Villafranca was around the corner, we found ourselves looking at another vineyard.  Finally, we arrived at the municipal albergue just outside central Villafranca.

The albergue is all right.  The kitchen and common area are fairly nice, but the sleeping area and showers are less than awesome.  E and I did a little reading and internet surfing, followed by some grocery shopping, cooking and eating.  We are both pretty beat today, so I think we will head to bed early. 

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