The Way, Day 26


[Drying Flowers]

Total Distance:  26.7 km
Total Time: 8h
Total Euro: 33.25/person
Route: El Burgo to Villarente

As in life, so on the Camino:  You have good days and bad days, days where everything feels good and easy and days where your only goal is to make it through the day.  Today was a bad day.  Neither of us slept well for the second night in a row (people started walking up and moving around before 5 am) and we were overdue for a rest day and some privacy.  E and I got into it halfway through the day and by the time we reached Villarente, there were tears.  But after a little water, a little wine, some food, a hot shower and the ability to spread all our crap out in a private room, we made up and enjoyed a relaxing evening.  We shared a decent meal with some other pilgrims and watched a hail storm from the safety of Albergue La Pelayo.  It will be nice to sleep without earplugs tonight in a bed that isn’t rocked every time your bunkmate moves. 

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