The Way, Day 25



Total Distance: 18.1 km
Total Time: 4.75h
Total Euro:  20/person
Route: Sahagun to El Burgo Ranero

We had some breakfast at the albergue and then were on our way.  We were feeling chatty again this morning, but otherwise it was a fairly uneventful walk today.  We took a long coffee break and would have sat there all day until I reminded us that we still had a few  more kilometers to go.

The albergue in El Burgo didn’t open until 1pm and we arrived a little before noon, so we hung out with a couple from San Diego that we’ve been keeping pace with.  Once the albergue opened, we checked in and did our chores.  It was another windy day and we were getting kind of sick of tying our clothes to the line, so thanks to a tip from the San Diegan couple, E went and bought clothes pins.  Best euro we’ve spent in this trip.  We had a fabulous lunch (trout!) across the street and then I spent the rest of the day finishing Game of Thrones

The municipal albergue in El Burgo is pretty nice – donation based, clean, kitchen and laundry facilities.  The proprietress is an amazing linguist – I heard her speak at least three languages fluently (her English was accent-less and natural).  The rooms have open ceilings, though, so you can kind of hear everything going on everywhere.  Also, this is not a problem unique to this place, but the flies are starting to get to me (I feel like a horse, constantly flicking them off or swatting them out of my face).  I’m beginning to wonder just how bad I smell.

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