The Way, Day 23



Total Distance: 22.8 km
Total Time: 6.5h
Total Euro: ~22/person
Route: Villalcazar to Calzadilla de la Cueza

I awoke to E gently tapping my shoulder and was surprised to find that I was the only person still in bed.  Apparently, I’d slept through everyone’s alarms and E didn’t have the heart to wake me.  We were still on the road before 6 am – we heard the 6 o’clock chimes from the road – and were rewarded with a lovely view of the rising sun on our way into Carrion. 

We stopped for coffee and breakfast in Carrion and then walked nearly 17 km through a landscape that E described as “only a little” hillier than Kansas.  We spent several kilometers on a paved road dodging cars, followed by several more kilometers of absolutely nothing.  We talked a little as we walked, but mostly we were wrapped up in our own mind games to pass the time.  We took two long breaks to rest in the shade and enjoy the breeze (it’s been quite breezy all day) and around the time we had both had enough, we saw a lone tower in the distance.  Neither of us were willing to hope – it was just one tower and too small for a town – but when we were almost upon the tower, we saw rooftops of other buildings just below the crest of a hill.  We were blown into Calzadilla de la Cueza by a strong gust of dust and wind and checked into the only albergue in town.

The albergue is packed to the gills with beds, showers and bathrooms, but the backyard is spacious and has a swimming pool.  We did our chores and went to a nearby restaurant for lunch.  We didn’t have any other options and so were a bit wary of the 10 E price tag, especially considering that our last two Pilgrim’s Meals have been less than awesome.  We were pleasantly surprised, then, to enjoy a delicious and filling meal.  After lunch, we went back to the albergue, where E spent some time catching up on internet stuff and I tried not to let Game of Thrones get under my skin.  No grocery store in town, so it’ll be back to the bar for a light dinner before bed. 

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