The Way, Day 21


[The packet of sugar that came with my cafe con leche.  I don’t understand it all, but I understand enough to know that it’s awesome.  Kat and Fedelma, feel free to help a sister out.]

Total Distance: 20.8 km
Total Time: 5h (not including the 1.5h we spent waiting in Castrojeriz)
Total Euro: 22.5/person
Route: Hontanas to Itero de la Vega

Our alarm was set for 5:45, but other alarms started going off at 5 am, so we rose with the masses and hit the road.  We made good time to Castrojeriz, and hoped to find an open pharmacy, as I had run out of contact lens solution.  Unfortunately, the pharmacy didn’t open until 10 and since we were unsure if the next town had a pharmacy and even less sure if we could walk 35 km to the next town that for sure had a pharmacy, we opted to wait around.  We went to a cafe to kill some time and discovered that morning shows in any country are all the same (I.e. terrible). 

Once the pharmacy opened, we got my solution and hit the road again.  It was noticeably hotter and there was very little shade.  We made it into Itero de la Vega around 12:30.  The municipal albergue looked a bit frightening, so we opted for Albergue Molchina and sprung for a private room.  It’s a couple of young guys who run the place and it seems that all the amenities are works in progress, but the room is clean enough and there’s several restaurants and a small grocery store in town. 

We picked up some groceries after siesta to restock and then got dinner at the albergue, since there weren’t a ton of options at the store. It’s early to bed tonight so that we can get an early start for a long day tomorrow.

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3 Responses to The Way, Day 21

  1. Mom says:

    Roughly it says “translating idioms using Google translate is like you are speaking in Klingon. For non-trekkies, [Klingons] are from the series Star Trek.”

  2. Kat Muto says:

    Juan: It says: “Among the languages that you can translate to on Google, appears Klingon. For non Trekkies, it is a language that appears in the famous Star Trek Saga.”

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