The Way, Day 20


[Camino Art]

Total Distance: 10.6 km
Total Time: 2.5h
Total Euro: 21/person
Route: Hornillos to Hontanas

We decided to make today a rest day.  We slept in and took a short walk to the next town if Hontanas.  We kept seeing signs promising that we were close, but at less than a kilometer away we still couldn’t see the town.  I joked that it must be buried somewhere, and indeed it was situated in a small valley.  We drank some coffee, ate some food, checked into the albergue and got cleaned up.  The rest of the afternoon was spent chatting with a fellow traveler from New York over a couple bottles of wine.  It was nice to take a break from reading (Game of Thrones is making me angry) and chat with someone new.  In the evening, we ate dinner at the albergue and then went up too the lookout point to watch the sunset. 

Although a small town, Hontanas has been one of our favorites in terms of facilities.  The municipal albergue is clean, spacious and has a grocery store and restaurant attached.  Beds are comfortable and linens are new. 

Happy Birthday to one of my oldest and dearest friends.  Justin, I’m thinking of you today and hoping you’re having a great day!

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