The Way, Day 19


[Big Sky]

Total Distance: 20 km
Total Time: 5h
Total Euro: 14/person
Route: Burgos to Hornillos Del Camino

The bars were still open when we left this morning around 6:15.  There has been some sort of festival or celebration last night – we could hear a heavy metal band and fireworks from the albergue all through the night.  We were a little sad to leave Burgos – it would have been nice to have at least seen the inside of the cathedral – but it was supposed to be a hot day with little shade, so we pressed on.

By the time we reached Hornillos Del Camino, we were glad of our early start.  It was hot and we were both tired.  While waiting for the municipal albergue to open, I had a nice conversation with a German girl that we’ve been on the same schedule as for the last few days.  She was continuing on to the next town, so it was good to finally learn her name and a little more about her. 

We’ve decided to change things up, Spanish style:  Eat a big lunch, siesta, then a small dinner and then bed.  Hornillos doesn’t have much of a grocery store, but E managed to score us a pre-cooked chicken and some vegetables. 

Another lazy afternoon of ice cream, fighting over Game of Thrones and trying to stay cool.

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