The Way, Day 18


[Cathedral in Burgos]

Total Distance: 26 km
Total Time: 7.25h
Total Euro: 29/person
Route: San Juan to Burgos


We hightailed it out of San Juan, replenished our snack supply in Ages and then had an incredible walk to Burgos.  We were both in good moods and had a lot of energy.  Also 600 mg of ibuprofen makes a huge difference for my hip.  We were feeling so good that we walked the last 15 km without stopping.  If today had a title, it might be:  Better Living Through Pharmacology. 

The last bit before Burgos is a little sketch.  A lot of it is on a major street or through back alleys of an industrial area.  When we finally got into Burgos, the city felt uninviting and trying to stay on the Camino was a little like a scavenger hunt for yellow arrows.  We made a game of it and congratulated one another whenever one of us spotted a particularly obscure marker.  A couple of times, we got help from locals.  When we got into the area around the albergue, Burgos was transformed.  Suddenly, the modern city gave way to old buildings, small streets packed with shops and what promised to be a thriving nightlife.  The municipal albergue is large and clean, but you have to pay for WiFi and there’s no stove in the kitchen.  E and I did our chores and then went in pursuit for some much needed food.  We found a cantina near the albergue and shared a delicious meal.  Afterwords, we checked out the amazing cathedral, bought some groceries and headed back to the albergue to finally get off our feet.

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