The Way, Day 14



Total Distance:  17 km (10.56 mi)
Total Time: 4.5h
Total Euro:  21.5/person
Route: Ventosa to Azofra


We were awoken by the soft sounds of classical music, which is a habit I may adopt when I return to the States.  For some reason I felt the need to hurry out of Ventosa, so after collecting our things, we scurried out into the trail.  Our long day of rest served us well – we both felt strong and were a bit chattier than we’d been the last two days.  We passed through Najera, which seemed very charming and was set against these beautiful plateaus, which reminded me of the Southwest and made me miss my sister all the more (it’s now been a full year since we’ve been in the same place).  We arrived in Azofra, a small town of 500 people, a little before noon, checked into the municipal albergue and then went in search of WiFi. 

A note on trekking poles:  I’ve now been using them for 3 days.  I’m still getting used to them – I still kick them or drag them on the ground sometimes – and I still prefer the power of my own legs on the way up hills, but I can feel the difference on the way down hill for sure.  The poles help to stabilize me and redistribute the weight, which eases the impact on my hip greatly.  I think they help on flat ground, too, and the added work for my arms is welcome, if anything (Kat, you’ll be amused to know that I’m maintaining some tone in my arms by scrubbing and wringing out my laundry).

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