The Way, Day 13


[Church in Ventosa]

Total Distance:  6.9 km
Total Time: 1.5h
Total Euro: 17/person
Route: Navarrete to Ventosa


While we remained undecided at bedtime last night, when we woke up this morning, we knew today had to be a rest day.  We gathered our things and shuffled out the door, with the intention of stopping in the next town of Ventosa. 

We arrived in Ventosa sooner than expected and so spent the next 2.5h sipping coffee and staring into space.  After that we decided to see if the albergue was open, which it wasn’t, so we spent another hour sitting on the lawn outside the church.  During that time, we met an affable American from North Carolina, who had taken a bus and then a taxi to Ventosa due to a twisted ankle.  She clued us in on how to ship our bags ahead if that became necessary in the future. 

We spent the rest of our afternoon reading side by side (I finished my second book this summer – the first was World War Z and this one was The Midwife’s Revolt) in Albergue San Saturnino, which is run by an accommodating, if anal (signs posted everywhere about keeping quiet and cleaning up after ourselves), proprietress.  Her hostel is the only place to buy groceries in town and the facilities are spotless and charming.  We ate at Chez E’s once again – rice, beans, bacon and veggies, plus a cucumber salad on the side.

On another note – today is Lindsay’s birthday.  Linds:  I have been thinking of you a lot these last couple of days and I wish that today of all days I had the internet so that I could wish you a happy birthday and tell you how glad I am that you were born.  Love to you today and always. 

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One Response to The Way, Day 13

  1. Meg says:

    We love you Aud and Eddie. You guys rock, what a magnificent journey. Your message to Lindsay made me cry tears of joy.

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