The Way, Day 11


[Panoramic view from Albergue Alberto Munos in Viana]

Total Distance: 19.5 km (12.1 mi)
Total Time: 5h
Total Euro:  29/person
Route:  Los Arcos to Viana

I thought it might be nice to actually record some travel data about this trip instead of emoting all over the place.  I’m still a bit too beat to go back and edit the other days, but I promise to record all the above information from here on out.  Maybe I will get around to including the terrain maps so you can all appreciate today’s purchase: walking sticks.  E still thinks they are for sissies and are just one more thing to carry around, but supposedly they relieve up to 25% of your load if used properly and may actually save me from having a hip or knee replacement after all these vertical downward slopes. 

Generally speaking, an uneventful day.  This morning was rougher than yesterday.  We stopped in Sansol (about 7km after Los Arcos) for coffee and while E was taking an inordinately long amount of time to obtain two cafes (he emerged from the shop with a “don’t ask” face and by way of explanation said, “That’s what happens when you put four Italians in a cafe run by a Spaniard.”), I had the pleasure of being harassed by a pregnant tortoiseshell, who of course reminded me of Kaz (my cat friend in Japan).  She got a little feisty as we had our snack, but I have to say that it’s good for morale to be visited by an affectionate, purring creature. 

We made it to Viana before the albergue (hostel) opened and were rewarded by being able to spend some time in the courtyard taking in the view.  Viana is our last town in Navarre region; tomorrow we will be in La Rioja and from the courtyard, we could see the first town in that region.  We idled away our afternoon in our usual fashion and I got to dust off my French with a Belgian couple at dinner. 

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