The Way, Day 8


[Wind turbines somewhere between Pamplona and Puente La Reina]

Route: Pamplona to Puente La Reina

We awoke after too little sleep, finished packing our bags, rigged up my feet with these strange gel pads we found in the pharmacy and began our journey out of Pamplona.  We are a full day behind the people we originally started with and the crowd we were hiking with today was noticeably, though perhaps inexplicably, different.  We stuck to our every two hour snacking and rest plan and we’ve officially mastered peeing on the side of the road between waves of pilgrims.  Once, I found a perfect spot and I waited for two men to pass before scampering behind a ridge to go before four or five more pilgrims came along.  I was just about to pop a squat when I saw that one of the men had stopped to rest on his walking stick right in my line of sight.  I don’t think he realized what was going on, but E and I worked hard to contain our sniggering so as not to draw more attention my way. 

We made it to Obanos, which was our “short program” for the day.  My feet were tired, but thanks to the gel pads and the fact that we transferred my heaviest items to E’s pack, I wasn’t in agony as in days prior.  We arrived in Puente la Reina a little beat up, but still with some reserves.  We got cleaned up, did our laundry and then E went to buy groceries.  He fixed dinner when he came back (chicken, Romano beans and peppers, plus a salami and cheese salad) and I quickly became the envy of all of the single ladies at the hostel. 
As a bonus, I’m adding the following picture, which came out of a conversation that E and I had today after observing the number of people on their cell phones on the trail today:


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