The Way, Day 1


[E sorting out our travel info from the hotel]

People traveling to Iceland are tall. Or rather, people not traveling to Iceland because their flight has been delayed until the next day due to a malfunctioning part are tall.

We are reminded by a ticket agent that “things happen for a reason.” E and I brainstorm potential reasons:

1) Our plane would have crashed due to the malfunctioning part (this seems most likely).

2) We needed another day of rest before our big trip.

3) We needed to test out just how quick dry our one set of clothes is.

4) We are just not meant to be together.

5) We *are* meant to be together because we tend to thrive when doing the impossible (e.g. 3-yr long distance relationship, impromptu wedding catering gig, sharing a 300 sq foot apartment on 1.5 salaries in San Francisco).

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