Nara, Day 12

Lisa and I woke up early-ish, ate breakfast and then met up with Allison to go explore Nara Park.  We stopped by Kofukuji (which looked exactly like Y’s dad’s model), and then went on to Toudaiji to compare giant buddhas.  We didn’t have a lot of time to stop and take things in, but it was nice to take a long, brisk walk.  Honestly, it might have been the most exercise we’ve gotten all trip.  Afterwards we scurried back to the station and took a train to Kyoto, the shinkansen back to Tokyo and then the Narita Express to Narita.  I’d never taken the Narita Express before and it was a really nice alternative to a local train.  From Narita Station, we took a bus to our hotel.

I’ve never stayed in a Hilton before, but now I never want to stay anywhere else again.  Lisa and I were splitting a room again, but this time there was actually space to walk between the beds.  We popped down the gym for a good, long workout, followed by a glorious hour in the bathing room.  I’d forgotten the joy of bathing in Japan – my tattoos make it questionable for me to go to an onsen, so public baths in hotels are the closest I can get.  I soaked in the hot tub and the cold tub and used all their fancy lotion and face product and felt like a new person.  Then Lisa and I had a fantastically overpriced meal, followed by dessert, followed by bed.

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