Nara, Day 11

These travel days really take it out of me.  This morning, Ikuyo took us to the train station and despite our early start, it took us almost the entire day to reach Nara.  Part of this was poor planning – we hadn’t realized that Nara wasn’t on a shinkansen line and so we had to transfer from Shin-Osaka to Osaka station and then take a local train to Nara.  The transfer from Shin-Osaka to Osaka gave me flashbacks to E and my ill-fated subway ride from Narita to Haneda – the train was jammed and we were standing in the middle of the train with all our luggage unable to hold on to anything.  Mercifully, it was just one stop and the local train to Nara was much more quiet.

We arrived in Nara and checked into our hotel.  Then we walked around looking for a place to eat.  Eventually, we settled on a lovely Vietnamese restaurant called Com Ngom and had one of our best meals all trip.  We briefly entertained the idea of walking through Nara park, but we were exhausted and it was raining, so we abandoned that plan and went back to the hotel to crash instead.

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