Kyoto, Day 8

Today we slept in a bit and then went for a walk around town.  Lisa and I had nikuman and matcha anman for breakfast and we all popped in and out of shrines and shops alike.  For lunch we had okonomiyaki, which was a first for Lisa and Allison.  I picked up a few things for friends and Y’s family and then it was time to catch our train back to Tagawa.  Y picked me up from the station and we swapped stories about our weekends (she had gone to Fukuoka).  Her brother and his girlfriend were over for dinner and her mom had made sukiyaki.  Her mom poured me a beer and informed me that there was rice available, but that you’re not supposed to drink beer with rice.  I asked why and she explained that if you eat rice while you’re drinking, you won’t get drunk.  Fair enough.

After dinner, Y and her mom said that they had something to show me and took me to their garage out back, which, as it turned out, was Y’s father’s workshop.  He was a traditional carpenter before he hurt his back and specialized in making models/replicas of shrines and buildings.  The one currently in the workshop was a beautiful rendition of Nara’s Kofukuji.  We admired his work and then Y and her mom presented me with a gift of a couple of wooden bowls.  I don’t know much about carpentry, but the grain and finish are lovely and they seem quite precious as they are hand made.  Once back inside, they insisted on doing my laundry and then sent me off to bed.

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